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Team building should be a top priority after a acquisition or merger. Midwest Strategic is here to help (715) 497-2968

We're here to help your business!

Midwest Strategic brings to the table more than 120 years of combined experience we're excited to put to work for you.

What's the next step to becoming a client or partner?

It starts with a call or email. We'll setup a time with you to sit down for an in person, or remote meeting, to go over your current pain points and top business goals. We'll then work with our team, and determine a plan of action. After this, we'll schedule another meeting to go over the action items, delegate tasks, set deadlines, and go over terms.
For longer term projects, or for interim staffing, Midwest Strategic will have an additional sit down to interview the consultants working on projects, or filling an interim position at the company. To achieve a high success rate, and better client/partner satisfaction, it's important for both clients, and partners, to be aligned when working with each other.

Payment Options

Midwest Strategic has multiple payment options.

Retainer This is our most common method as it allows both parties to better budget. Retainer will be charged once a month, or once a quarter. The retainer will allow for a predetermined amount of hours to pull from. After the hours in the retainer are used, additional hours will be billed at our current hourly rate of $345/hour.
By Project This is popular for large projects. We will work with your business team and determine milestones. Midwest Strategic requires a 50% down payment before the start of the project. Remaining portions will be paid as milestones are reached until the project is completed.
By Hour Midwest Strategic allowed in certain circumstances to charge by the hour. This is a fixed hourly rate of $345. Better rates can be found by ether utilizing the project or retainer methods
Equity Midwest Strategic is great at helping startups, businesses looking to reinvent themselves, or business that are struggling. Business can choose to partner with Midwest Strategic if funds are short. This does two important things. First, it allows the business access to all Midwest Strategic has to offer. Second, Midwest Strategic will hold some ownership in your business so your business must prosper to receive profit. This requires a sign off from all stakeholders as it is a risk for Midwest Strategic.